Economical Stability

Creating a Sustainable NGO Business Plan

June 26, 2022 1:11 pm
Proposed by : Pertubuhan Kesihatan & Kebajikan Umum Malaysia


Pertubuhan Kesihatan Dan Kebajikan Umum Malaysia is an NGO company that is purely community based organization led by community and inclusive to all those who fit the bill. 

The organisation assist key affected populations who live without their identity to attain their NRIC (National Registration ID) and engage them to healthcare centers for health screening and treatment. They also assist those who are homeless to seek their identity with the National Registration Department and engage them with any available local shelter to live off the streets. However, when the organisation grows days by days, financial support has become the main obstacle. 

Surrounding community is in need of other health and welfare services to be assisted.
– Ensuring that the minority community received better treatment.
– Being a safe platform for the needy
– Create a Legal support system
– Having sufficient funds to ensure that the initiative and project is sustained

  • Able to owned a sustainable project. Current project we are looking in to is the self service laundry.
  • March – November 2021
  • School of Media & Communication
  • Taylor’s Business School

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