Final Year Project Support

Working with multiple faculties across Taylor’s, Me.reka intends to connect students of different disciplines with one another when they execute their Final Year Project (FYP). For instance, the theme of an FYP could be based upon entrepreneurial ideas and students can work toward commercializing these ides here at our makerspace. 

If you are a student undergoing your FYP and have been provided a budget by your school for the project, you are welcomed to use all our services and receive consultation from experts for free! Currently, we have 5 experts available at the space, each specialising in different fields. William is a pro at waste-sculpting, Faris is a wood and metal fabrication whiz, Jin is your go-to for all things electronics as he does IOT and programming while Matias and April are our master designers who specialize in product and industrial design respectively – ready for all your 3D printing needs.

MPU4 Module

The MPU 4 is a new module by Taylor’s University in collaboration with Me.reka Makerspace to shift the student’s mindset upon viewing university purely as a place of academics but also as a beneficial groundto start new initiatives through a journey of invention and innovation. It is to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration across the different faculties in Taylor’s. 

Me.reka works together with Taylor’s trainers of the U4 Module to equip them with design thinking. This skill is then transferred to the students to ensure they are qualified to participate in global problem-solving issues for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) based challenges. 

It allows students to utilize the needs of surrounding communities as problem-based learning platforms and eventually aim to achieve commercialization solutions through innovative products and services, based on the student’s dreams, ideas and creativity – until a suitable and sustainable social business model is curated.

Me.reka Belia Programme

The Me.reka Belia programme focuses on empowering and teaching young communities on how to wisely utilize digital tools and platforms. 

This programme aims to reach out to B40 youths who are unemployed, those wanting to take their current businesses further and high school students sitting for SPM. 

The core purpose of this programme is to improve the livelihood of the community by helping to increase their income or assisting them with ways to study.