Need a place to host fun, interactive workshops based on your own innovative ideas and creative solutions? We serve as the best platform to connect you with an engaging audience who is always ready to learn something new!

Space Rental

Our area is just the right size for your hosting needs. With plenty of space to roam about alongside our quirky workspace decor (all made in-house!), you can ensure a comfortable and interesting experience during your events.

Machinery Access

Taylor's Me.reka Makerspace is home to a wide range of machinery, tools and other really cool stuff! You can learn how to use them via our workshops or feel free to put them to use. if you already consider yourself a pro.


If you have a budding idea and are passionate to take it one step further - come drop by and make an appointment with us! We have experts ready to listen and guide you on your journey of invention and innovation. Time to turn that idea into a reality.

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