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Food Education & Revolution: Redefining Vegetarian School Meal

June 5, 2023 6:02 am
Proposed by : Hema Letchamanan (SoEd); Dr Chong Li Choo (SFSG); Chiew Boon Tian (SHTE), Taylor's University


Public events (exhibitions and roadshows) that involve school, parents and other partners at public venues played an important role in promoting food education awareness. For example: using parent-teacher conferences as a platform to built-in audiences with nutrition tips and healthy vegetarian meals; newsletter to create a wellness-focused campaign to promote healthy eating and physical activity among families and promote healthy food options and garner enthusiasm through food tasting. It is important to find out effective event kits whereby it can be applied across public events and sustainable to support food education in future.

The objectives of this project are:

(1) to incorporate the vegetarian menu as part of school meals

(2) to develop standards for healthy vegetarian school meals that could potentially have commercial value through the support / collaboration between the government & food industry. ( target: schools which already include vegetarian meals (e.g. faith-based schools / learning centres)

(3) to raise awareness on healthy and balanced vegetarian meals for children through educational events

  • The menu /food products that can be standardised & mass produced.
  • Food education programme at selected learning centre/school
  • An event kits for food education programme
  • March – July 2021
  • School of Education
  • School of Food Studies & Gastronomy
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events

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