Create a Challenge

Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace has created a collaborative platform to solve 21st century challenges. The platform is for academics, industry players and entrepreneurial communities to consolidate and cultivate collective impact through value-based innovation.

Do you have an insight which thinks need to be shared with this community?

Please provide us some information stated below:

  • Organisation Name
  • Contact person and details
  • Proposed Challenge Title
  • Challenge background
  • Challenge Objective (or intended outcome)
  • Area of challenge (Engineering / Environmental / Design etc)
  • Category of challenge (Global / National / Campus)
  • Which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals does the challenge address?
  • Expected deliverable
  • Time frame
  • Details of support organisation is able to offer this project with
  • Details of support organisation expect from the university

You can also add an image file for organization logo and challenge details etc.

**We will review all submitted challenges within a week and let you know if we need more information**