Responsible Consumption

Reinventing The Selera Berkat Shop

June 5, 2023 3:36 am
Proposed by : Bistro Jelita Maju Snd. Bhd.


This restaurant has been in running since 2001 and has undergone a few changes itself to attract more customers. Although it is in an old mall, Amcorpmall, there is a very specific crowd interested in a flea market that happens every weekend in the mall that is our target market. We also target workers who can’t really afford to pay much for food as mall rentals can be a bit over the top, but yet we do have loyal some customers. We provide a nasi kandar kind of food variety with a more indian authenticity. The name does not match but we were curious to attract the Malay crowd.

  • To increase customer retention
  • To build a following online and build new relationships
  • To manage financials in a more secure way to prevent any workers to swindle money (ie: material cost, staff cost, payments, cashier)
  • To reduce food waste and create a system to ensure extra food does not get wasted.
  • Ideas to manage any objectives above.
  • Insights and research on how successful mamaks/nasi kandars did it
  • How to ensure customers get quality service/experience in tally with the cost of food
  • March – July 2021
  • School of Food Studies & Gastronomy
  • The Design School
  • Taylor’s Culinary Institute

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