Challenge: Making a Farmsite Experience


Founded in 2015, Urban Hijau is a sustainable one acre urban farm located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As a social enterprise, Urban Hijau is dedicated to using the principles of permaculture (natural ecological design) to spur a movement in Malaysia towards urban sustainability in food production, waste management and general living. Urban Hijau is located on a one–acre site and grows over 150 varieties of fruits, herbs and vegetables. Urban Hijau has been operating for the past one year a 800 square foot aquaponics unit, producing over 600 tilapia fish and several tons of organic leafy vegetables and herbs, including roquette salad, mint, kale, spinach and others.

The objective for our project is to take Urban Hijau as a site into the next stage from being a showcase of sustainable farming into a truly unique and captivating experience that would greatly enhance the profile of permaculture and urban farming as well as attract larger sections of the public. This means a slight departure from the more rustic aspects of the farm into a truly impressive visitor friendly zone, where different sections of the site are demarcated, educational labels for plants can be present to inform visitors of local fauna and flora and safety hazard measures are properly adopted. Beyond this, we want to create a new ambiance, with instagram spots, dining zone and a more aesthetic appeal overall.

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