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Designing an application for E-Logbook

March 8, 2021 2:13 pm
Proposed by : Dr. Prabal Bhargava
School of Medicine,
Taylor's University


Taylor’s University, School of Medicine is home to medical students who wish to become knowledgeable medical doctors with a heart for healing the sick and the dedication to elevate the medical profession. Taylor’s Clinical School hosts around 150 medical students from year 3 to 5. Each semester student is studying 3 to 6 modules from a total of 23 modules. In every module logbook assessment is compulsory for attitude assessment, professionalism, recording the on call, hospital visit and teaching-learning activities presentation. The school has been using the paper-based logbook system from the beginning until now. Every semester considerable amount of paper has been used to prepare the logbook. The paper-based logbook has certain limitations especially during online teaching. The positive perception on the usefulness of e-log system has been documented in other universities locally and internationally. This project is to develop a mobile app as learning suite for students in School of Medicine.

The objective of this project is to design and develop a mobile app that serves as a learning record and portal to resources for students in the MBBS programme. It should also  come with a flexible function of selecting discipline, semester or year, shall help building up experiences without the confine of a fixed printed logbook- customized logbook for each posting in each semester.

  • A mobile application – Electronic-Logbook
  • March – July 2021
  • School of Computer Science & Engineering
  • The Design School

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