Information about risk areas and situation can safe lives, how can we track the virus and control it?

Healthcare is one of the most valuable industries within all countries. A countries healthcare system can be a great indicator of its development. Having a system in place that effectively and efficiently is able to tend and treat the population is extremely important to allow for individuals to receive higher standards of living, for communities to evolve, and for countries to grow.

Universal health care and coverage is extremely important as it upholds the basic human rights and necessities. All humans should be given equal opportunity to optimal health care. Systems that value human lives and ensure protection of communities regardless of segmenting factors allow for the progression towards a unified and communal front. Key aspects of healthcare include, safety, accessibility, quality, timelines and affordability. Everybody from urban to rural communities should have equal opportunities in accessing the countries health care resources.

The Global Healthcare Challenges aim to push the envelope to develop newer solutions that can be more easily integrated and incorporated within all countries. Innovation and creativity in the following challenges can allow for the cultivation of new systems that bring more meaningful impact to the communities in need. Health care includes a wide spectrum of services, from promotion and prevention to diagnostics and rehabilitation. What challenges will you tackle?

Proposed Challenges

Proposed Solution