Quality Education

Are you ready to tackle the challenges about one most the powerful tools we have: education​. How to increase critical thinking with alternative education programs?

Education is often understood as the driving force of the future. In a rapidly evolving future, the ability to learn how to learn is the single most important skill of the 21st century. By possessing the ability to forego past understands and unlearn, learn and relearn, one opens themselves to a universe of possibilities. Such a mindset is required to thrive within the context of the future of work. Technological advancements have placed the power of knowledge at our fingertips. Information is widely available, however, the challenge of the 21st century has now become having the ability to comprehend the information and be able to act upon it effectively and meaningfully. Doing so requires invisible strengths, the soft skills of the 21st century, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and empathy. Equipping communities with such abilities allow the nurturing of a diverse and resilient workforce.

On a national level, the challenges we face in education are in terms of accessibility. Not everyone is afforded the same opportunities. We must equip our youth with the skills, tools, and resources to prepare them for the problems of the future. How can we create decentralized solutions to provide equal education that engages the Malaysian communities, while also encouraging them to explore and innovate.

Proposed Challenges

Proposed Solutions