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URGENT! Materials needed to help those in the frontlines! (March 28 Update)​

We are urgently looking for the following materials in order to advance with the production of PPE’s for the frontliners:​

1. Glue sticks (7mm x 7mm x 220mm)​
2. Empty boxes (50x50x50 boxes x 10 units)​
3. Garbage bag XXL (100cm x 100cm above)⁣​
4. Stapler bullets (Size no.10 and no.3)⁣​
5. Elastic Band (3mm round or 12 mm flat type)⁣​
Our team is producing Face Shields and other medical equipment for those fighting Covid-19 at the frontlines. Please help us by sharing and supporting our cause. ⁣​
Visit this website if you can help donate in any way, shape or form!:⁣​
You may also WHATSAPP Juliana OR Ambika if you can provide any of the above.⁣​
Juliana: 014 366 6286⁣​
Ambika: 014 925 7203​

Help us stop the spread. Help us support the frontline.
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As a result from the amazing support of the public and suppliers, who have come on-board to help us mobilize this effort of producing PPE’s for the frontliners, we have managed to reduce the cost of cutting and sourcing the acyclic, and we now need only RM113,418 to make 18,000 pieces. ​

As of now, we have raised: ​

Cash donations from 223 people: RM 59,765.75​
Material sponsorship: RM 34,750​

We are now seeking and confirming with other partners across the country to produce this decentralised product, and supply locally. ​

In ensuring efficiency of emergency relief efforts, transparency and accountability of how the funds are spent go a long way in ensuring the right resources reach the right people on time. ​

Our team has created a transparent and public standard of procedure(SOP) for financial transparency, accountability, and self-governance. In times like this, having the trust of the public has been a blessing. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure we do right by the trust you place in us. The SOP’s detail our methodology for payments, accounting and finance, auditing, production and cost allocation. We have taken the responsibility to record the entire initiative’s activities for safekeeping and for public transparency. We are publishing this to be shared with other organisations, who may want to adopt some of the guidelines.​

Lastly, we would like to reach out to External Auditors, to come on-board and help us audit the management of the funds, at the end of the campaigns.
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How did we activate an entire community to offer relief for those on the front lines?​

While global supply chains stagnate and economists fear an economic depression, a handful of changemakers are building the solution. The Maker Community became the foundation of our Covid-19 Relief Effort in creating a decentralised model of production, capacity building and impact creation, without much initial funding or prior planning, to supply emergency PPE and medical equipment for those fighting at the frontline of Covid-19. Through our platform, the community came together to provide designs, supplies, production, and logistics. ​

The merit of such a system is evident in the results. In less than a week, we have mobilised multiple production sites and activated a decentralised network effort for partners across Malaysia to come together. This includes over 30 different partners (materials, machines, and logistics) and over RM50,000 in donations. We are on track to produce 17,320 units of Face Shields. ​

But we can’t stop here. Every day more requests come in for a variety of medical equipment. We need your help. From expert makers, coders and innovators, we need a team to help us expand our platform to support more Covid-19 relief efforts in Malaysia. The infrastructure that we build in the next few weeks will shape our communities bring upon disruptive change within the industries of the future. We are all part of this transformation. We know the impact when a few people come together, but an entire country? That would be unparalleled.​

If you are also making emergency PPE or medical equipment, please register here: ​

If you are an expert in airtable, webflow (frontend), and API integration, please register here:​

Help us stop the spread. Help us support the frontline:
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